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Kagome Kagome, meaning “circle you, circle you” is a child’s rhyme very much similar to the American equivalent of “Ring around the Rosie”. Just like Ring around has a darker meaning, Kagome has a few theories behind it:

The lyrics refer to the game only

In this theory the lyrics mean “Surround, surround (the Oni) / When will the Oni be able to switch roles with the next person? / Who is it standing behind you?”.

The song is about a prostitute

In this theory the lyrics refer to a woman forced into prostitution (the bird in a cage) who has seen so many men that she cannot remember all of them (“who is it who stands behind” refers to the next person in line) and wonders when she will be able to escape (when oh when will it escape).

The song is about a pregnant woman

In this theory the “kagome” is a pregnant woman. Someone pushes her down a flight of stairs (“tsuru to kame ga subetta”) and she miscarries, and wonders who killed her child (“ushiro no shoumen daare”).

The song is about a convict to be executed

The “kagome” is a prison cell, and the bird is its prisoner. “Tsuru to kame ga subetta” symbolizes the end of life and fortune, and “ushiro no shoumen daare” is either the prisoner wondering who his executioner is, or his disembodied head gazing at his own body.

This song is someone’s twisted version of the song and it is beautifully creepy and spine tingling and surprisingly, lulls me to sleep with is music box melody. -Heh-

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October. Probably one of my most favorite months ever. Why? Halloween of course! This whole month is full of horrific fun! So I shall be posting some of my favorite “horror” themed songs. Most will be in Japanese with subtitles. I will hopefully have Halloween themed artwork out again. Here’s to a fun month!!!


Here’s a quickie I wrote right after my previous one. This is a dream I had one night and added to to make it flow better. Hope you guys like it.


            Ever wondered what happens to us after we die? Well, I never did. Never thought I was going to find out so soon into my life. My friend and I were heading to a local sporting event. I don’t remember what it was nor does it really matter. We watched the game until there was an alarm followed a police announcement.

            Attention spectators. There has been a tip off about a bomb in the stadium. We need everyone to evacuate immediately.

            As you can guess, everyone started panicking. They all rushed to the exits while the police tried to control the crowd. I grabbed my friend and tried to make it out. However, he was acting strange. He wasn’t panicking like the others. He seemed very calm in spite of the situation. We hit the crowd as too many people tried to leave through the small opening. My friend turned to me.

            I’m sorry. All I remembered after that was a beeping noise coming from underneath his and then darkness.

            I awoke to the scent of fresh air, sweet grass, and rich dirt. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a large meadow. In front of me was a figured wearing a white hooded cloak. The hood covered their face.

            Come. The voice said to me in a voice that was both man and woman. Both young and old. Such a figure should have frightened me, but it didn’t. I just felt calm and I followed them. We walked towards an area of the meadow littered with shallow ponds filled crystalline waters. At each pond, there was a short line of people as well as a cloaked figure, much like my guide, but with wings.

            Where are we? I asked.

            You might call this limbo. This is where those who die end up first. The ponds you see are the Pools of Judgment. It will determine if you’re going to heaven or hell. All you have to do is step in the water.

            What if someone doesn’t want to?

            Then they are to wander the lands as a lost spirit until they come to their senses and come back to be judged. I followed my guide past all the pools until we stopped at one of the ponds. He nodded at me and I got in line. There were three people on front of me. I watched as the first person stepped into the pool. His skin became light and an angel came down and raised him up to heaven. The next person stepped into the pool. The water became violent and the pool opened up underneath her feet. She fell through the fissure, screaming, into the dark abyss of hell. The person in front of me panicked and backed up.

            N-no! I can’t. I don’t want to!

            Then, your fate has been determined. The winged figure told him. The person became see through and evaporated into the air.

            It was my turn now. I slowly walked up to the pool. Taking a deep breath, I took a step. A step into my end.


This is my first completed short. I hope you guys like it.


            You can say, I was never the family favorite. I had an average brain, average looks, and no special talents or hobbies. Nothing to really set me apart from everyone else. My cousins, however, were honor students, have many hobbies, and were very popular. My parents were always complimenting my aunts’ and uncles’ children and always complaining how they were cursed with me. In front of me. As if to remind me that I was a disgrace to the family. That wasn’t the only thing they did. They often voiced their disgust to my face. I got used to it. I didn’t need their approval, or so I told myself.

            It was on one of my cousin’s wedding days where I finally snapped. I usually avoided all the family gatherings but this cousin was the only one that didn’t treat me like a black sheep. So, I was ecstatic to be able to go, in spite of my family’s disallowance. The ceremony was going wonderfully and I was really happy for my cousin. The ceremony was just finishing when the church doors burst open. There stood a man. A very furious man. I was sitting by myself in the far back row next to the aisle, so I got a perfect view of him. I recognized the man. He was my cousin’s ex-boyfriend and he was carrying a gun. He started yelling about how she made a mistake by leaving him and that he was there to make her pay for making his life miserable. He started raising the gun and without a second thought, I tackled him to the ground before he could do anything. Using that moment, I wrenched the gun from his hand and pointed it at his head, telling him that if he moved one muscle, I was going to shoot. Someone must have called the cops because within ten minutes, they were in the church and taking him away. I handed over the gun and watched them leave.

            I turned around to face my family. My cousin was jogging towards me, with a look of relief on her face but my mother got in her way. Her face was red with fury. She marched over to me and slapped me. She screamed out, asking how I dare embarrass her by causing a commotion during the wedding. I was shocked. I took down someone who was going to kill my cousin, and I’m an embarrassment? My mother continued to yell at me as my cousin tried to calm her down. Then I snapped. I’ve dealt with their treatment towards me for so long and I have only so much patience. I looked up at my mother, square in her eyes, and told her I was cutting all ties to the family. Giving one last look to them, I left the church.

            Two weeks passed and I was living with a friend until I could get on my feet. Cutting my ‘family’ took a toll on my mental state. The days blurred by without much excitement. Most days I would just lock myself in my room and just lie on the bed, sometimes cry. My friend would check up on me and feed me. She made light talk with me and never once pressured me to talk about my family. I was very thankful for her understanding my situation. However, there was one thing troubling me. There were days that I didn’t remember happening as if they were blacked out from my memory. Whenever I tried to remember those days, I would hear a very quiet whisper from within my head.

Don’t worry. I will always protect you.

            I shrugged it off many times, blaming it on my current mental state. The days progressed. I finally got a part-time job and that helped get my mind off of my ‘family’. Still, on some of my days off, I don’t remember what I did those days. All I can really remember were the colors red and then black. I worried me that those days were missing from my memory but I tried not to think about it. The days ticked on with not much happening. Until one day I received a phone call. It was my mother.

            She was asking me to come back and that she was sorry she ever treated me badly and that she and my father missed me. I couldn’t believe it.  My mother was actually apologizing. I really didn’t know what to say. I wanted to talk to her but a little voice in my head whispered:

Don’t believe her. I will always protect you.

            I abruptly hung up. How dare she think it could all be fixed with a simple apology? My mind was racing with old thoughts from when I was in high school. I went to the basement where I was staying and pulled out something from under my bed. It was a bottle of strong sleeping pills from when I used to have insomnia. Just a few of these, and I can finally be away from my family. I dumped the contents of the bottle into my hand and downed the pills. I sat there and all I remembered after that was darkness and the little whisper in my head.

Don’t go. Please. I will always protect you.

            I awoke to beeping of machines and the distant murmurs of people. My vision was blurry but I could make out the faint image of my friend and a doctor. After a while, my vision cleared up and finally saw exactly where I was. My friend noticed I was awake and she ran over to hug me. She told me she was so worried and that I scared her to death. Suddenly, the door to the hospital room burst open and my mother and father came in. I asked why they were there. My friend told me the doctors must have called them. I turned to my parents and asked them why it took me leaving and almost dying for them to realize they cared about me. I was in hysterics. The nurses and my friend tried to calm me down. The whisper piped up again.

I’ll take it from here. I will always protect you.

            And then, everything went black.

            Everyone watched as the young lady slumped over. Shocked, the doctors went over to check her vitals but before they could reach her, her head started rising back up. She locked her eyes on her parents. However, her eyes were darker and there was a cold glint. Her parents sucked in a breath when they realized it wasn’t their daughter looking at them.

            Hello Mother. Hello Father. She spoke but it wasn’t really her voice. There was a foreign ring to it. Like it was a different person speaking through her.

            “Who-Who are you?” They asked. She grinned.

            I’m your son.


            When Sis was in your womb, we were actually twins but she had the stronger body and I had the stronger mind. I didn’t make it past the second week. However, since Sis’ mental state was already weak, my soul fused with hers. I kept her mentality stable and she provided a chance to experience life. We are the same person. Their parents were trying to process this information.

            “I’ve heard about this. Most humans are born with a twin, but one twin usually dies. This is the first time I’ve ever seen one fusing souls and minds.” The doctor said.

            “So. You were there the entire time? In her mind or soul or whatever.

            Yes. And I’ve been watching. Watching how you treat Sis throughout the years. That’s why I vowed to always protect her. Whatever the cost. When she cut ties to you people, I was happy. Though she was still grieving, I took over some days to ease her pain. To give her mind a rest. Things were getting better, until you had to realize you were horrible to her and called. That pushed her over the edge. I wasn’t even able to pull her back. Luckily, she survived. I’m never letting her go again. I’m not going to let her feel that pain again. I will ALWAYS protect her, for we are ONE.

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